The Homeschool Space

The dining room table is littered with books. The kitchen is littered with bowls, pots, pans, and chopped fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, butter, cheese, yogurt and jerky are everywhere. This is actually a very good sign. Life is almost back to normal at Homeschool Planet. Even the chores are getting done!

If there are two items that would make my life infinitely more manageable, it would be a dishwasher and a bookshelf. Although one bookshelf would not do; a set of bookshelves might do. Separate desks for the boys would also be great as would cozy chairs and better lighting.

Although for now, a new septic system is preferable.

You see, when you homeschool and cook almost every single thing from scratch, the kitchen and schooling areas feel like industrial spaces. It’s true almost every room is heavily used but the plumbing system, the kitchen and the shelves and tables and seating areas are in constant disarray. This has probably been the most difficult thing to adapt to at home. We’re almost always in it and always using ALL of it. If you don’t really like your space, it can be depressing. But if your space doesn’t really work for all the uses required of it, it’s very frustrating. There’s a reason why I like to escape to my mom’s as much as possible – and it’s not just for someone else’s cooking.

But, hey, the kids supposedly won’t remember the disarray when they’re adults, right? Only the fun times are important! The academics! The socialization! Their well-rounded-ness!

If you homeschool, how do you manager your space? Do you have a separate room or building specifically for school or do you school on the dining room table like we do? If you do use the dining room table, do you just eat dinner around whatever subject or project that needs to stay out? I would LOVE ideas about managing our homeschool-dining-living space!

2 thoughts on “The Homeschool Space

  1. I feel the same way – everything is in disarray! We have a small room that is our “school room” (the one in the pictures) but it mostly serves as a place to keep all of our materials and our morning meeting space. There’s just not enough room for everyone to spread their books out in there to work so we still end up at the dining room table – one son likes to go to his room everyday. My sister gave me a good tip to spend about 10 minutes before and after every meal to do a quick clean up. It’s not perfect but that helps, at least we have a place to eat. I’ve given up on the idea of more space because it just turns into another place we can make a mess in. I’d rather have one big, open, well lit room we can breathe in than several compartmentalized spaces. Good luck- let me know if you figure out the secret!

  2. 10 minutes before and after every meal? That’s a great idea especially if it can become routine. I also like the one big open space, too, although as mine get older I wonder if they’ll want more isolated/less distractable/compartmentalized space. Figuring it out as we go…

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