A Day in the Life – with Sick Child

I’ve wanted to write a post about a typical day in our homeschool life for a while.  Today, I actually remembered and took notes throughout the day.  Unfortunately, one boy woke up not feeling well, so it was not at all typical. For better or worse, this was today’s day-in-the-life.

8           yoga

8:30     make coffee; put away dishes; make tea for sick child (child 1)

8:50     take tea upstairs; check on sick child

9          prep for dinner: chop carrots, onions, celery, potatoes, garlic.  (Wanna guess what I’m making?)  soak beans in lemon water for the next night’s dinner; fill Berkey filter; dump dirty dishwater

9:30    take school books upstairs to sick child; check on health; read over assignments

9:45    wash dishes

10        start other child’s (well child/child 2) school work; read over assignments

10:20   stir soup; make 2nd cup of coffee

10:30  get dressed; gather laundry; collect bathing suits and put in dryer; start laundry

10:50  check on 2nd child’s school progress

11         plan meals for the week; inventory food; look up recipes in 3 cookbooks; check on stock and season; take swimsuits out of dryer

11:30   re-heat cold coffee; check emails while finally drinking coffee; write and respond

12:30  zone out while reading news, homeschool blogs and twitter feeds

1:30   help child 2 with math; time his speed while running to the barn and back

2        deliver broth to sick kid; check math; help him correct a problem; help him get un-stuck on logic problem

2:30   remember laundry; switch to dryer; help child 2 with logic

3        clean kitchen; cook bacon; scramble eggs; make egg, bacon & cheese tacos; deliver to sick child and well child; instruct well child to play piano

3:30   help sick child finish logic; start working on Latin

3:45    wash dishes; make lunch for me

4         greet kids (twins who come over M, W, F); check well child’s Latin, Logic & Math so he can go play; record grades, put away papers & books; take violin to sick kid

4:30   sit down with several weeks worth of catalogs & magazines to toss or keep

5         collect finished work from sick child and motivate to finish math

5:15    talk to other kids; try to remember what I was doing

5:30   sit down to write this. Exhale.

I wrote this just to see what it is I do all day.  That may sound silly, but it’s probably similar to keeping a food diary.  Sometimes when I’m asked what I do, I’m stumped.  “Washed dishes?  Taught school?  Washed a load of laundry?”  It doesn’t sound like much yet I often feel exhausted.  It’s almost 6 by the time I’ve posted this and I still haven’t lifted weights and have to get through one more meal – with lots more dishwashing. Plus, I just remembered the laundry. Curling up with a book at bedtime can’t come soon enough.

To be fair, the boys usually do a fair amount of chores and they do their assignments together so I can help them both at their respective levels.  Having a sick child meant teaching each child and subject twice in separate locations.  But that’s okay; I’m glad I can be home with them. Plus, I know my sick child (who is rarely sick, I might add) is happy to be home, in bed, and waited on by Mom, even if that means he still has work to do – in bed!

Three hours later, I’ve yet to post this.  Looking back, it seems like a terribly unorganized day.  I will have to try this again on a normal day.  I’m curious to see if, like a food diary, I might actually find ways to improve!

What do you think?

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