“Chicken Fried” Concert & Rodeo

Homeschool Planet took a detour…


to see the ZAC BROWN BAND!

My guys snagged these Bearded Beanies in an after-Christmas discount bin a year ago.  Concert night was actually pretty cold for Texas, so they wore their warm and fuzzy hats.  I don’t think I’ve seen so many heads turn since my husband wore his kilt into our small deep east Texas grocery store! Although they refused to give autographs, they did oblige a few requests for photographs!

We love all kinds of music (I could wax poetic about Ben Folds) but something about the Zac Brown Band really speaks to us.  Whether it’s Brown’s salt-of-the-earth lyrics, the soulful sound of Jimmy DeMartini’s violin, or the band’s eclectic blend of country infused with fun, there wasn’t a song we didn’t know and love!

Although the show itself really wowed us, I think the most memorable moment was actually from some fans themselves. Directly in front us sat a family of four, clearly looking like they were having a reunion of sorts. Mom and Dad passed pictures back and forth between two sons sporting military haircuts and one with a Texas A&M shirt.

The “Violin Intro To Free” played its eponymous transition, then morphed into Van Morrison’s “Into The Mystic,” switched back to “Free” one more time before delivering a spunky segue to “Chicken Fried.”

If you don’t know “Chicken Fried,” it plays like a feisty homage to the military.  The brothers hooked arms over shoulders, swayed and held up their beers while ZB sang, “So if you agree, have a drink with me, raise your glasses for a toast.”  Then the mother gave a sharp, fierce salute to the flag when ZB sang, “Salute the ones that died, the ones that give their lives, so we don’t have to sacrifice the things we love.”

And during those same lyrics, the older-looking son grabbed his brother’s head in what looked like the playful beginning of a noogie and kissed him right smack on his almost-bald noggin.

I don’t know what touched me more – the glimpse of intimacy between big brothers, the spontaneous affection of young adult men, or that grown sons can still be as sweet and playful as pups but the lump in this mom’s throat almost landed in my eyes.  It certainly captured my heart.

Oh and the rodeo was really cool, too!

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