Back in the Saddle – After One More Snooze

There are so many perks to homeschooling but re-starting school after Spring Break is just as hard for homeschoolers as it is for anyone! Last night I went to bed with the proclamation of an early school time beginning with yoga & weights (me) followed by outdoor chores (all of us), then breakfast and school (them), followed by two hours of quiet time (me), and then a run (us). Hah, guess who overslept and threw that schedule out the proverbial window?  (Me)

Oversleeping is my middle name these days.  I don’t want to bore you with the details but the last two months have been one long snooze-fest. Several doctor’s visits later, I think I’ve got it all figured out, dang you, perimenopause, but there it is.  What a doozy.

Now comes new research on how much sleep teenagers need.  As my twelve-year-old closes in on this milestone, I find myself bracing as I get ready for his hormonal rollercoaster ride – along with mine.  According to the National Jewish Center in Denver, teenagers have a hard time going to sleep early even if they want to!

Melatonin, the hormone that helps regulate our sleep, shifts by about two hours during puberty. So, even if they wanted to get to sleep earlier, teenagers are battling biological changes in their bodies that are nearly impossible to overcome.

This is good for me to know.  He has always needed a long time in bed to wind down.  He will spend a good hour reading followed by 15-30 minutes in near-sleep state which means the time he actually falls asleep is around 10:30.  Lately, he’s discovered that whether he reads or just lies there, tossing and turning, he goes to bed around the same time anyway – 10:30. He sleeps till 8 am just about every day and will read for another hour before gracing us with his presence.

Yep, that means I didn’t get him moving to do outside chores until 9!  So much for jumping right back into the school schedule! But I did get some good work out of him and the garden is finally weeded.

Although my whole day was pushed back an hour, we just managed to get everything done.  Now it is after 5, well past the time I planned to have finished my daily reading and writing.  I may have had to cut the run short, but at least it’s all getting done. In the words of Sheryl Sandberg from Lean In:

“Done is better than perfect.”


As my “not-much-of-a-sleeper” child approaches teendom, he develops a newfound love of sleep.

What do you think?

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