Stomp, Downton Abbey & Flex School

What a week! Stomp, friends, and all 9 episodes of Downton Abbey, Season 3. We’re whupped! It was one of those weeks when I’m so happy I homeschool. Friends + Entertainment = Loads of fun. (It also equals a very tired family!) Somehow, we managed to get all of their schoolwork done, thanks to “carschool” and motivated kids. Yep, in spite of being on the road a ton and staying up late every night, they actually got through a week of math, a unit on the planets, the birth of China to Confucius, the Latin Table Blessing, the end of Greek alphabet, diagramming sentences, grammar, handwriting, and spelling. Phew! Of course, something had to give. (Ahem, you probably don’t want to come to my house this week. Unless you want to feel better about your own!)


Nevertheless, it was worth it. Thanks to the fluid and flexible scheduling of homeschool, I have today to rescue the house. The boys can take their assigned reading and hit the trampoline, hammocks or tree house. The dogwood, redbud, and azaleas are in full bloom. We have 4 baby birds in the porch rafters learning how to fly. It’s a sunny 70º day in East Texas. Spring has arrived.


But oh Downton Abbey, what’s up with that ending?! How could you? @%#%@!! Aaargh! It’s going to be a long, hard slog till the next season arrives in my mailbox. Maybe it’s just the time we’ll need to get over being mad at you.

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4 thoughts on “Stomp, Downton Abbey & Flex School

  1. Did you see Stomp live? We love them! It was one of my son’s first drumming influences. And of course we’re Downton Abbey fans. I’m about to begin watching that with my son too. For “history.’🙂

    • Yes, it was live and it was incredible! We use Downton Abbey for history, too. It’s been a great way to talk about the layers of societies, who they benefit and why. 🙂

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