Snakes Alive!

Not sure what I can salvage from this day. My nerves are shot! We were enjoying another lush, green east Texas day that looked like this:


…when my husband told us to grab our cameras to photograph this:


Initially, we thought it was super cool and got as close as we dared to take good pictures of it.


Then we started wondering what it was doing.  Where was it headed and where had it been?  Is it possible this guy has been living in our laundry room all along and leaving only because of all the hammering and cleaning going on in there? During the conversion, my husband has repaired a number of entrances and exits for all kinds of critters.


Could this be the same snake that slithered past my then-five-year-old son, as he walked toward the dining room to get help putting on his pajamas?  Is it the same snake that greeted me from under the fridge as I stood barefoot pouring a glass of water one midnight several years ago?

While my husband went on an egg run, we kept carefully studying the snake.

Until it turned and retraced its ‘steps” curving back up his body to the top of the roof.

The pictures stop here because this is when I panicked. The hoe and shovel were in the barn.  All I had was a machete and I didn’t get my hands on that until the snake was slithering across the the roof and headed toward the beams.  Unfortunately he is now “safely” ensconced between the ceiling of the new schoolroom and the roof. I am terrified.  In the meantime, we have lost hours of schooling.

Brainstorming, my guys fashioned a spear


with duct tape, a tent pole and a fishing hook


but no luck.

For now, he is staying and I am shaking. My husband has put bird netting all around his escape routes. He will have to come out some time and then we’ll have him.  In the meantime, I’m not sure I can sleep knowing he is so near.

Ahhh, springtime in Texas: redbud, dogwood, azaleas, snakes, wasps, swarming termites, and insects galore. I think I like it better when the critters are hibernating, the brush is thin, and most of our world is asleep.

Oh and today’s school? Done.

5 thoughts on “Snakes Alive!

  1. I would be freaking out if I saw that! Is it poisonous?
    LOL @ the spear! That snake better watch out, he is going to make you boys a nice pouch😉

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