To Sleep: Perchance To Dream

DSC00285 DSC00328

Five windows are up in the schoolroom and, boy, do they look good!  Unfortunately, the classroom conversion is on hold while we wage war on the insects, snakes and other critters that have fled the laundry room to the rest of the house.

We have yet to obtain a corpse.  However my wonderful husband (whom I think of as my own Indiana Jones  – and not just for his rugged good looks, or his bravery attacking snakes, or how good he looks in that hat) – took half a day off and turned over every piece of furniture, plugged every single hole, caulked several tubes’ worth of gaps hunting for that five-foot long, cold-blooded reptile. My Indy never did get to fire that gun or hack it up with his machete to give me the body I wanted but he did find its entry/exit.  Take that, elaphe obsoleta.  Snakes fear him.

In the meantime, both boys knew they were on their own today with school. After a week of not being able to sleep, I was much too jittery to teach anything or to monitor their behavior, but was stressed enough to not be tested either.  They did all of their assignments and then some.  Without me. Mostly.  My 9yo DS yelled up a couple questions. “How do you figure out someone’s age by using the years?”  “What does the Latin future tense and present tense have in common?” But mostly he managed on his own.

My 12yo son did pretty well, too, until I came downstairs once to check on his progress. What was supposed to have been cut-out triangles to figure out how the area of a triangle relates to the area of a parallelogram turned into a chain of cut-out figures.  Sigh, at least I stopped him before he’d named them all and given them lines for a play.

While there may not be a snake corpse, after all the work and cleaning we did today, there’s no way it’s still inside. At least all those little gaps are closed and the cabin is much more tightly sealed.

Still, tonight, I’ll take both my cat and dog to the bedroom. And Indy, of course. For the last week, I’ve slept with one eye open. Tonight, I want to sleep with both eyes closed. Perchance to dream…

2 thoughts on “To Sleep: Perchance To Dream

  1. 😦 Poor you. I would be the same, worse even. I might move out till there was a corpse. Lucky you have a brave warrior on had to do the dirty work😉
    LOL @ your oldest.
    Sweet dreams!

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