Summer School Math

Dialogue with my 9yo-

Me: Wow, Life of Pi was a great book! Have you ever read something that you just loved and could barely stop reading?
Son: Yes, actually.
Me: Really? What was it?
Son: My math book!


I was definitely not expecting that answer! It turns out he LOVES his summer math book. Life of Fred–Goldfish is a math book that reads like a chapter book, full of twists and turns on every page. At the end of each chapter, there is a “Your Turn To Play” section where he has a box of problems that relate the story.


Son: I can barely stop reading it!
Me: Why don’t you keep reading?
Son: Because then I have to do the problems.
Me: Well, why don’t you read ahead?
Son: I DO! But I still have to stop and do the problems.

Okay, so math is still math, but how fun that my son wakes up, reaches under his bed every morning, grabs his Life of Fred Decimals and Percents, his black & white composition book, and happily reads a chapter before coming down stairs.


I bought this textbook as an experiment. It is so successful, I plan to use it during the year as Friday math after a Saxon lesson on M-Th. I love the way it describes math concepts. Even if it’s something he already knows, it never hurts to look at the material from a different angle.😉


8 thoughts on “Summer School Math

  1. And I HATED the movie for Life of Pi, I hope the book was better!!! Was it the animals, or the humans??!! I need it spelt out, no ambiguous endings for me, thank you very much😉

    • I don’t know how they did the movie. I can’t imagine it could be done well. I don’t want to see it because I think it’ll ruin the book for me. What do you mean by: “Was it the animals or the humans?” (Scratching my head.) Maybe I missed something. I didn’t *think* it was ambiguous.🙂

      You know, I finally chose Life of Fred thanks to one of your posts. I’m so glad. I look forward to getting more!

      • In the end of the movie the main character tells another story about what happened on the boat. One where there were humans instead of animals. It was horrid!! You are left not knowing which is the true story. I drove my hubby mad for days talking about it.The movie was shot beautifully, I just disliked the ending.

        Glad to hear it!

  2. In the book, it was obvious the human story was made up and the real story was about the animals. I thought the author was making a point about how people will sometimes refuse to believe something that is true if it challenges their beliefs or doesn’t gel with their preconceived ideas. In the book, it was rather satirical and definitely unambiguous. Okay, now I’m almost curious enough to check it out. :p

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