Homeschool Planners

I spend a lot of time making spreadsheets for homeschool.  I make spreadsheets for our daily schedule, for the curriculum, for goals, for books read, for projects, etc.  I can get lost in a spreadsheet program for h-o-u-r-s.  I’ve considered saving myself time by buying a ready-made planner, but knowing me, I’d just become obsessed with modifying the planner. Plus, I would’ve already shelled out $20 – $50. So, I was thrilled when I saw this Simple Homeschool Planner by Tsh Oxenreider for only $4!

Tsh has created a homeschool planner with 40 pages.  The pages are clean and well-organized. The font is fun without being too busy.  The pages can be spiral-bound or added to a 3-ring binder. I can print multiple pages of some documents (weekly planner) and laminate others (times table). In short, this meets all my goals of planning without losing so many hours in the process of creating lots of very specific spreadsheets. Best of all, for only $4 I don’t feel guilty for spending valuable book money on a planner in which I may only use half of the pages.

Love this quote by Picasso that Tsh has artfully made into a chalkboard cover:

(To view more details and see several pages of Tsh’s planner in use, click here.)

How do you manage the scheduling? Do you have a favorite planner? Or, like me, do you spend countless hours tweaking your spreadsheet program till you get it exactly right?

8 thoughts on “Homeschool Planners

  1. I so wanted to be a planner when I started homeschool. I bought Homeschool Tracker and tried to keep records, plans, etc… but I failed miserably. I am not a planner, but if I was to attempt it again I would go for something simple like Tsh’s planner!!
    Lost for hours in a spreadsheet program??!!! Weirdo😉

      • You are not obsessed.🙂 We are just different. I let my kids lead the way. For example, my son likes to work on his Language Arts materials for a lengthy period of time and move on to other subjects; while my daughter works on different subjects on the same day. And I let them. That way, I don’t have to fight a losing battle.🙂

  2. Ha! I am such a planner ‘ho. I want the perfect solution and I have never found one. I like to use a big month at a glance 2 page spread to see the big picture and then have to do lists on pages and lesson plans in the “big notebook.” Then, of course, I can’t fit the calendar in my purse and yada, yada, yada.

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